Siapa sih yang tidak mengenal TOEFL atau contoh soal TOEFL? Tes standar internasional yang menguji kemampuan berbahasa inggris untuk mahasiswa atau pekerja yang ingin menggapai impiannya di luar negeri. Tes tersebut sering digunakan untuk berbagai universitas yang menggunakan bahasa inggris sebagai bahasa akademiknya. 

Ditambah, TOEFL bertujuan untuk meningkatkan kemampuan bahasa peserta agar mampu menyerap arti komunikasi dari orang asing. Pastinya tingkat kesulitan TOEFL terbilang sedang dan mudah bagi orang yang belajar TOEFL. Jika sulit, maka dipastikan peserta itu belum belajar atau menguasai penuh soal-soal TOEFL. 

Untuk itu, perlu adanya contoh soal TOEFL dan pembahasannya agar kamu lebih terbiasa. Berikut beberapa contoh soal TOEFL beserta jawabannya yang harus kamu tahu.

Contoh Soal TOEFL Structure and Written Expression

Salah satu komponen tes TOEFL adalah kemampuan structure and written expression. Nah, agar kamu bisa lebih mendalami materi tersebut, maka silahkan simak beberapa contoh soal TOEFL berikut.

  1. Captain Henry,___crept slowly through the underbrush.
    1. Being remote from the enemy
    2. Attempting not to encounter the enemy
    3. Trying to avoid the enemy
    4. Not involving himself in the enemy

Jawaban: C. Trying to avoid the enemy

Pembahasan: Sangat mudah dipahami dari pendekatan makna. Oleh karena itu, jawabannya adalah C.

  1. Mary Garden, ___ in the early 1950s, was interested one of the best singing actresses of her time.
    1. A soprano was popular
    2. In a popular soprano
    3. He was a popular soprano
    4. A popular soprano in

Jawaban: D. A popular soprano in

Pembahasan: Kalimat tersebut membutuhkan appositive phrase. Oleh karena itu, jawabannya adalah D.

  1. In the realm of biology theory, Margaret F. Washrick was a dualist___ who that access phenomenon have an interesting role in biology.
    1. Who she believed
    2. Who believed
    3. Believed
    4. Who did she believe

Jawaban: B. Who believed

Pembahasan: Pola kalimat tersebut adalah adjective clause (conjunction + S +V).

  1. Mr Robert is a noted chemist___
    1. As well as an effective teacher
    2. And too a very efficient teacher
    3. But he teaches very well in addition
    4. However, the teacher very good also

Jawaban: A. As well as an effective teacher

Pembahasan: Untuk pilihan lainnya belum tepat karena B. (too mestinya also), C. (teaches well), dan D. (teaches well).

  1. Open-source television stations are different from exclusive stations___
    1. Because they receive more money differently, and different types of shows
    2. For money and program types
    3. In the areas of raising and coding
    4. Because the former get money and has programs two-side from the setter

Jawaban: C. In the areas of raising and coding

Pembahasan: Untuk pilihan lainnya belum tepat karena A. (Salah pemilihan kata), B. (salah pemilihan kata), D. (seharusnya different from). Jadi, silahkan jawab C.


Mengerjakan soal-soal TOEFL sebetulnya tidaklah terlalu sulit. Agar kamu bisa terus fokus dan sukses menghadapi soal-soal tersebut, maka simaklah informasi tambahan terkait bonus contoh soal TOEFL berikut.

The Life and Work of Marie Curie

Marie Curie is the most famous scientist in the world. Maria Sklodowska was born in Poland in 1867, but is best known for her work on radioactivity, for which she won the Nobel Prize twice. She won the Novel Prize in Physics in 1903 with her husbands Pierre Curie and Henri Becquerel, and in 1911 became the only recipient of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. She is winner a Novel Prize. Marie was known from her early childhood for her excellent memory, and she earned her gold medal for completing her secondary education at the age of 16. She had to get a job as a teacher because her father lost his savings in a failed investment. From that income she was able to finance her sister Bronia to study medicine in Paris. However, in return, it was conditional on Bronia to help her get an education after her. In 1891, when that promise was fulfilled, Marie went to Amsterdam and began her studies at the Leiden University. In 1893 she took first place in the natural science exam, and in 1894 she took second place in the mathematical science exam. This spring she was not introduced to Pierre Curie. 


Does the following statement match your information from reading passage 1?

Write the following in boxes 1-3 on your answer sheet: 

TRUEIf the statement agrees with the information
FALSEif the statement contradicts the information
NOT GIVENIf there is no information on this
  1. Marie Curie’s husband was a joint winner of Marie’s Essay Prize.
  2. Marie became interested in science when she was a child
  3. Marie could attend the Sorbonne because of her sister’s financial contribution.


  1. FALSE
  3. TRUE

Itulah beberapa contoh soal TOEFL beserta jawabannya. Maka dari itu, mengetahui contoh soal TOEFL lengkap plus bimbingan yang berkualitas, kamu bisa kunjungi link berikut, ya.